Toyota Motor Redesigned Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan to Take on Tesla

Toyota Motor Corp will launch its fully revamped hydrogen cell sedan on October 11, 2019 to recover the demand for niche technology.
Since, more than two decades, Japan’s largest automaker was making fuel cell vehicles. However, the technology has been exceeded by the rapid increase of rival battery-powered e-vehicles, which are promoted by Tesla Inc.
The company said that it will reveal its new hydrogen sedan on the platform of luxury LS coupe on October 24, 2019 after the Tokyo Motor show. The latest Mirai model shows a longer range of driving than its prototype and is fully redesigned its hydrogen tanks and fuel cell stack.
The chief engineer of the new Mirai, Yoshikazu Tanaka, said the company wants to make a car that people want to buy not just because it is an eco-friendly car. Mirai also said that the company wants to make a car that makes people happy while driving.
The car is redesigned with a longer wheelbase, lower-slung chassis, and sporty look, which is different from first-generation Mirai and it looks like a Pirus Hybrid.
As per the company, this new car will have a 30% improvement in its driving range over the earlier iteration that was 700 km approx.
Tanaka said that the new Mirai would cost less than its previous model due to shift to mass production. This latest model is mainly assembled manually.
In Japan, the cost of this new Mirai is about 5 mn yen after subsidies. The original Mirai is one of the three fuel cell cars that are available to customers.
The company has sold lesser than 10,000 Mirai and a fuel cell sedan became a turning point as it was launched five years ago. Based on the comparison, Tesla sold 25,000 of its battery-powered Model S sedan in the first year and a half.
The company declined to reveal the price of its new model and said that it will be available later this year in regions such as North America, Europe, and Japan.

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